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Airstream Style – Kitchen Stuff

One of the first things we installed (in both of the airstreams we've owned) is one of these magnetic spice racks.  We had the smaller one in our first airstream, and we have this larger version (the same one we have at home) in our new airstream. 


They're great.  We got our first one for home initially from Soho Spices (back when I'd never seen anything like this). Now they're all over and I think Lipper International manufactures the original ones.  You can get 'em on amazon in many sizes.

Larra and Ari got us a pair of these fabulous stainless thumb-pump salt and pepper mills by Vic Firth (yes, that Vic Firth), and I just found some similar, colorful mills that I might get and fill with other spices (smoked salt, pink peppercorns…)

I saw his mix 'n match cutlery on Urban Outfitters' website… 

…which reminded me that I want these Laguiole steak knives I found at Anthropologie:


And how cute are these colorful immersion blenders I saw at Sur La Table last week?  I wish I didn't already have a silver one…I'd grab that orange one right now!  Only $29.95 and Cuisinart has a whole line of brightly colored appliances now….blenders, juicers, food processors, etc. Cute!

(Posted by Laura)