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Power Made Easy – Airship’s Electrical Upgrades

Before our 5-month trip up the Inside Passage to Alaska aboard Airship, we did some major upgrades to Airship’s electrical power system. Now, after five solid months on the boat – mostly away from marinas, here is a summary of how the system performed, what we learned, and what our…


Dry Camping Report

We played musical campsites here at Porto Bodega the other day. When the music stopped, we were in a spot with no hookups. So, we are dry camping again. I realized that sometimes my favorite mode is dry camping at one of the places that has both hookup and non-hookup…

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In the shop

at AM Solar (Posted by Laura)

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AM Solar

Update: here we are! Heading down to AM Solar today for a few tweaks! Love these guys…I'm kind of excited to go back. We're still so happy with the system they put in for us two years ago.  Here's a cool pic of their very nice shop (from their website): …