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Alumafandango Dry Camping Report


We decided to dry camp at Alumafandango, so we never connected to electric or water (there was no sewer) while we were there – Tuesday through Sunday.

Our AM Solar power system kept up with our electric needs 100% – we had 100% battery charge when we left. We ran computers, espresso machine, microwave, Traeger pellet grill, hair dryer, flat iron, lights, TVs, music system, and charged hexacopter batteries. The lowest our batteries ever got during the week was 88%.

Our AM Solar system ROCKS!
Our fresh water was at 1/4 capacity when we left. We took four showers, washed dishes, brushed our teeth, etc.

Our grey water was at 1/2 capacity when we left (still in the "green").

Our black water was at 5/8 capacity when we left.  We used less than a half-bottle of propane (7.5 gal bottles). The propane ran our refirgerator, stove, oven, and hot water heater.

As usual, fresh water was the most precious resource.

(Posted by Kevin)