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AM Solar

Update: here we are!


Heading down to AM Solar today for a few tweaks! Love these guys…I'm kind of excited to go back. We're still so happy with the system they put in for us two years ago

Here's a cool pic of their very nice shop (from their website): 


(Posted by Laura) 


  1. Jacquie Mason Jacquie Mason

    Just wondering what a solar system would cost us, we have a 23′ intern. Also if you have solar can you leave the fridge on when parked during the week without land power.

  2. Hi Jacquie,
    The cost varies depending on how many panels, how many (and what kind of) batteries you get/have room for. I’d suggest just giving Deb at AM Solar a call…she can give you whatever information you’re looking for. Not sure where you’re located, but she said she also knows someone good on the East Coast. 🙂
    The fridge will drain the battery pretty fast on solar, so you’d need to keep it on propane or plugged into electricity.

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