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Category: Hiking

Hiking in our Backyard

One of the nice things about being home in Portland is how close we are to miles and miles of hiking trails. And by close, I mean roughly 200 yards from the nearest trail.  Fall is a great time on the trails because, well, trees! Look at the richness of color…

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Glacier Highway

Airship Goes to Alaska After we successfully installed our second new Cutless bearing this morning and did a ton of work (work work, not boat work), we thought we'd take Steve's and Julie's suggestion (and Julie's car!) and head north to check out Echo Cove. It was a beautiful drive…


Hiking Mount Roberts

Airship Goes to Alaska Today was sunny!! Finally! We got a ton of work done this morning and then decided to take advantage of the sunny day in Juneau and get out a bit more. We braved the hoards of cruiseshippers and got ourselves a ticket to ride the Mt.…

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