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Eagle Harbor on Cypress Island

This morning's office view:


We've been at Eagle Harbor on Cypress Island for the past two days. It's quiet, there's good cell signal (and therefore, good internet), there are plenty of hiking trails, and it's only an hour cruise from Anacortes. It's easy to be super productive in an environment like this, and nice to be able to dinghy to shore and get a good hike in each day. Yesterday we hiked up to Reed Lake (and I do mean UP)…a little over three miles round trip with some serious elevation gain in the first half.

Reed Lake:


Prior to our hike we put out a couple of crab traps, but as of 5pm yesterday we'd only gotten a couple of too small Dungeness and a couple of too small Red Rock crabs. We'll pull 'em in this morning before we head back to Anacortes and see if we got any luckier overnight.


Hey guess what? The next outing is going to be in the Airstream!! 


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  1. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Airship’s white hull plays well with the foaming waterfall! Nordic tugs NEEDS this picture in their ad campaign. It will sell dozens of tugs!
    Like hotcakes! Or crabcakes!

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