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Hanging with Friends in the San Juan Islands

Part Two


We said goodbye to Sissy and Bob on Thursday morning in Anacortes and spent the day working and doing a few errands. Our friends Becki and Stephen drove up from Portland and met up with us on Thursday night. On Friday morning we headed out for Sucia Island where we'd again meet up with our friend Sam in Fossil Bay. 

Anacortes to Fossil Bay on Sucia Island (21 nautical miles, 3 hours 15 minutes):

Anacortes to fossil bay

Hiking around on Sucia Island:


Shallow Cove:


Echo Bay panorama:


Saturday morning sunrise at Fossil Bay:


After a late breakfast we headed over to Patos Island for a little hike out to the lighthouse. I took no photos of the lighthouse this time, but you can click here or here if you need a refresher. 

Dinghy on shore in Active Cove (where there used to be two mooring balls, but now there's only one):


The paved part of the trail to the lighthouse:


Looking out toward Orcas Island:



After we'd hiked around and watched the seals for a while, we headed back to Airship and continued over to Roche Harbor on San Juan Island.

Sucia Island to Patos Island to Roche Harbor on San Juan Island (21.5 nautical miles, 3 hours):

Sucia patos roche harbor

Roche Harbor Resort:


We walked up to the sculpture garden, which is kind of neat overall, but this was definitely NOT my favorite sculpture there. At all. (Apologies to whoever made this…but for some reason it feels more like a nightmare than the happy childhood moment I think it's supposed to represent.) Eeek. 


Okay I can't look at it anymore.

Chapel on the hill:


We had a delicious dinner at McMillin's Dining Room on Saturday night, and on Sunday morning after breakfast we hiked up to show Becki & Stephen the trippy mausoleum in the forest:


Here's a link to a past post about Roche Harbor and the mausoleum, if you want more info.

The weather was a bit foggy and gray on Sunday morning as we left Roche Harbor and headed back to Anacortes.

Chapel reflection:


We saw lots of porpoises, many seals, all kinds of birds, but no orcas or humpbacks.

Roche Harbor back to Anacortes (27.4 nautical miles, 3 hours 53 minutes):

Roche harbor to anacortes

We said goodbye to Becki and Stephen, washed off the boat, and then decided that since we still had a few hours of daylight, we'd head over to Eagle Harbor on Cypress Island for the night (or maybe two) before heading back to Portland. 


Anacortes to Eagle Harbor on Cypress Island (8 nautical miles, 1 hour 9 minutes):

Anacortes to eagle harbor

It was so quiet here last night, and there's only one other boat moored on the other side of the bay. Today it's foggy and gray and a little drizzly, but it's a perfect day for getting a lot of work done (and maybe putting out a couple crab traps). 

Happy Monday!