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Category: At Home

Stairs of Rock

The new rock stairway leading to the deck is almost finished: I know, I'm really not being very fast-flowing with photos of the house remodel. It's because I'm saving up to do some cool before and after shots (it'll be more dramatic that way, I promise.)


New Numbers

I have to say…I love the new backlit house numbers we got for our house more than I ever liked the big red WBCCI numbers (that we never put on the Airstream.) (Kevin plugged the wires into one of his hexacopter batteries so we could see how they are gonna…

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Around Portland: Olympic Provisions (and a Chipmunk Update)

We've been trying to make an effort when we're home to keep exploring the way we do when we're traveling around in the Airstream. There's so much to do near Portland and we seem to get home and just put our heads down, focusing on work and catching up on…

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