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Tiny Mouse on the Trail This Morning


While on our hike this morning, we came across this tiny mouse in the middle of the trail. He was teeny — no more than about about 2 inches — just sitting there, nibbling on something. We slowed up and got closer and closer and he didn't seem to even know we were there. I took a picture of him, then got close enough to crouch down with the iPhone about a foot away and took this photo:


At some point (after I'd stood back up and taken another step or two around) he realized we were there and scampered off into the forest.

Me: He was so cute…so tiny!

Kevin: You know you're saying "cute" about a mouse, right?

Me: Yes. Because (a) he's a teeny tiny little guy and (b) he's in the forest, where he belongs. Not in our house, where he does not.