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Category: Art

Reflection Totems

I took a bunch of these shoreline reflection photos at Klewnuggit Bay and at Farrant Island Lagoon, both anchorages off of Grenville Channel in BC. I call ’em “Reflection Totems.” They might be a little bit much all together (they’re quite detailed) but probably only one at time will fit on…


Kasaan | The Re-Dedication of Naay I’waans (the Chief Son-I-Hat Whale House)

Oral history indicates the Haida people have inhabited Haida Gwaii for over 17,000 years. Archeological findings have established habitation on the islands as far back as 13,700 years. Regardless of which number is correct, that’s over 100 centuries of cultural history, dating back beyond 10,000 BC. So when the Haida invite you…


Hoonah, AK

Airship Goes to Alaska Today was a rainy rainy day in Hoonah. (That's the view from Airship's galley, above.)  But we had things to see, so we suited up "full Alaska" (rain pants, rain jacket, hat, Xtratufs) and headed out to do some exploring. First up at 9am was a…