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Category: Art

Ray Troll: The Man, the Myth, the Ratfish

You remember the ratfish incident in Port Harvey, right? (Click that link if you don't.) Well the ratfish has crept into many conversations since then…the weird "girl grabbing appendage" (called a tenaculum) on its head that grabs with little Velcro-like hooks onto the fin of the female ratfish during mating,…

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Do What You Love

We're at home now for a few days before heading back out for more Airstreaming. I'm standing here at my desk (actually, I'm standing on the trampoline in front of my standing desk), and hanging on the wall to my right is a thing that I love and wanted to…

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Sad Sad Spartan – Redux

Some nice people on the internets decided to do a little makeover on our Sad Sad Spartan from Kentucky.  I think it looks much happier now, don't you? Here's the original, in case you missed it: Thanks guys! 🙂

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