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What We Do When We’re Home

We love being out on the water aboard Airship, spending months at a time exploring all the nooks and crannies between Puget Sound and Glacier Bay, but there are definitely some things we miss while we’re gone. So while we’re in town, we’re doing all of those things in a big way: lots of visiting with family and friends, working out every day, getting rid of stuff, and eating ALL of the fresh produce!

I’ve also been visiting my studio, which means serious quality time with my printer.

I’ve made over a hundred archival eight by ten prints of some of images I’ve taken over the past couple years. Here are a few of them:

SE Alaska Landscapes: Flynn Cove (L) Reid Glacier (R)
SE Alaska Wildlife: Pack Creek Brown Bears (L) Loud Eagle in Hoonah (R)
B.C. Landscapes: Desolation Sound (L) Princess Louisa (R)
Fishing Nets, Hoonah AK
Rocks with barnacles, Sucia Island, WA
Boats and Boatyards: Port Townsend (L) Anacortes (R)
Florence, Italy street scenes

Seeing my work on the computer is cool, but it’s way more satisfying to hold a print in my hand. Perhaps if we had a bigger boat I might bring my printer along on our travels so I could work more on the water, but it’s kind of nice to keep the printing projects for home. Plus, I have a feeling the printer and papers I use are best kept away from the salt air.

We’ll be back on Airship in the next couple weeks…fingers crossed we get some better weather this time and can actually go out cruising!