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Kwatsi Bay, BC


We left Sullivan Bay yesterday morning and headed to Kwatsi Bay. We made a stop at Pierre's at Echo Bay because we wanted say hi to Pierre. I have a funny story about this, but I'll tell you at the end of the post, so the Kwatsi Bay photos can stay together. 

Kwatsi Bay is lovely. We pulled into the bay and there were no other boats on the dock. We called Max, the owner, and of course he said there was plenty of room. He met us at the dock and helped us get settled, as another boat was entering the bay and heading for the dock as well. 


We all chatted for a bit and Max asked if we'd like to do a happy hour up on the dock at 5pm. Most of the places in The Broughtons are closed and not doing anything social now that it's the end of the season, so it was kinda cool that he offered to host a little get together. (Also, Kwatsi Bay is open year round…if you wanna come up for some winter cruising!)

Pretty soon, a third boat entered the bay…so now there were three!


There's no power at Kwatsi, but there are showers, and there's internet that (so far) seems to be working REALLY WELL. That's quite a change! The place has a great feel to it — a cool little store with some books, locally made arts and crafts things, and a few logo wear items. 

Some details I noticed while walking around…the way this plank walkway crosses the water and goes into this opening:


New wood and old wood together:



I'll just cut this later (this is totally what I'd do):


The place feels rustic, but in a good and creative way, and Max is charming and has some great stories to tell. He was great to chat with and it was fun to get to know the other boaters a bit.

Happy hour was up under the covered patio on the last floating dock:


Huge jellyfish (about 18 inches across):


Here's our track from today, Sullivan Bay to Echo Bay to Kwatsi Bay (about 29 nautical miles):

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 7.46.36 PM

If it's nice in the morning we may go exploring in the dinghy before heading out because the bay is beautiful (and tonight it's raining). 

Okay, back to Pierre's. When we were there in May, he'd just installed a hot tub. Since then, there have been more improvements, like these swinging chairs around a wood burning fire right next to the hot tub, with a view over the marina:


While we were standing up on the porch at the office/store I looked down to see Echo, Pierre's dog (a labradoodle, I think), chewing on a slipper. How funny! I have those same slippers. Wait, that couldn't be my slipper! Could it? No, because my slippers are in the little nook in our stateroom on our boat, which is down at the dock.


Wait. Could it be my slipper? No way.

Pierre didn't seem so certain, and Echo wasn't fessing to anything. When we got down to the boat, yes the doors were open, but there were no dog prints or any telltale signs that Echo had boarded the boat in our absence. Yet, when I went into the stateroom and looked in the nook on my side of the bed where my slippers live, there was only one slipper. Oh, Echo!!

Echo was pretty stealthy to come down to the dock, get on the boat, grab one of my slippers, then head back off the boat and up the dock and ramp up to the front porch of the store where he decided to start a little chew fest. Oh well…it's time for a new pair of slippers anyway.

(I did not take a photo of Echo chewing my slipper. I should have. I need to get better at documenting the little things.) 🙂

Tomorrow our plan is to head for Port Harvey. We aren't sure if George will still be making cinnamon rolls for breakfast or pizza for dinner, but whatever. I guess we'll take our chances. :) 

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