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Lagoon Cove, BC


We motored over to Lagoon Cove yesterday after we left Kwatsi Bay. We fished a bit along the way in Tribune Channel, and got quite a few bites. We had one large, gorgeous-looking fish on at one point, but lost it at the last minute. Awwwwww.

The sky was clear and it was warm, but the wind eventually picked up significantly in the channel and we had a pretty wet and bumpy ride for about the last half of our cruise. As we were coming through what's known as The Blow Hole (a narrow channel on the south side of Minstrel Island), we heard another boat (Michael and Holly on M/V Ginger) radioing into Lagoon Cove…Ginger had been with us at Kwatsi Bay the night before. Sweet! It would be fun to spend a little more time with Michael and Holly!

The "tool shed" at Lagoon Cove:



The book exchange:



This is the shop side of the "tool shed" where all the stuff happens:


Michael (from M/V Ginger) and David (from another neighbor boat the M/V Leisure-Lee) were going on a hike and asked if we'd like to join, so we headed out with them for a little exercise. They'd planned to  hike up to the top of the hill to the viewpoint, but Lyle, the manager here, said there's no view anymore because the trees have grown up and over it, so if we just wanted a view of some trees then fine, but he recommended the Blow Hole trail instead, so we took his advice. He also said there'd been a black bear around and that we should be aware of that. Check!

Cute signage all over the cove:





It was a beautiful hike (with some good hilly parts) to this little cove near the entrance to the Blow Hole:


On the way back we stopped and tried out the tree swing:


We got back to the marina around 5:30pm and decided to have a little happy hour with Holly and Michael under the covered patio shack thing at the end of our dock. There's a nice long table and benches, and they've even got a crab cooking station with big pots and everything. How nice!


The Wi-Fi here works really well and it's a charming little spot. Definitely recommended. 

We're not sure what our plans are next…we need to keep making progress south but the winds in Johnstone Strait don't look too great for the next couple days. We may head over to Port Harvey today. It's a little closer to our jump-off point for Johnstone, and we had a great time when we were there in May. (Plus it's the site of the Ratfish!)

Here's yesterday's route (21.2 nautical miles):

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.29.40 AM