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The Airstream is Clean and We’re Heading to California


We washed the Airstream last weekend and in a couple days we'll head south to Eugene to pick up our new Bike Fridays, then continue on to Napa/Calistoga/San Jose for a couple weeks (work trip, mostly) where we'll start to break in our new leather Brooks saddles in our spare time (or more likely, they'll be breaking US in). In May we'll be taking these bikes to Italy and riding from Venice to Florence, along with some exploring in the Tuscan countryside. (I KNOW!!! Italy!! We'll tell you more about that in another post.)

Also, we just replaced all of the overhead cabinet acrylic sliding doors (annoyingly scratched up from stuff sliding around while towing over the past 4 years) for under $200 and they look fantastic. I'll take photos and tell you guys all about that in another post too. (Can you tell, this is gonna be a quick post?)

See you soon!


  1. Warren Tarpey Warren Tarpey

    Yes, have fun.!!!

  2. Bradford Hohle Bradford Hohle

    We’ll notify the border police!~ Brad and Maggie

  3. We will be in the North Bay for a few weeks. If schedules work, we’d love to say hello!

  4. I definitely want to see the cabinets!! Ours are already scratched pretty badly. 🙁

  5. Brad,
    We think we might be in Bodega bay for a couple days around the 20-23ish…love to see you guys if you’re around. After that, Napa/Calistoga til the 29th or so.

  6. Laura,

    I am so excited to catch up on your entries. I need to take a closer look at the Coastal Living article. How cool is that? Have fun in Napa. The bike trip in Italy sounds superb. We are heading to Paris and Italy this week with the kids. It will be mirror many of the spots on our honeymoon minus Provence and the Amalfi Coast. We will be in Tuscany for Melizza’s birthday as well as stops in Venice, Florence and Rome. I cannot wait to hear about your adventures in Italy. It is definitely one of my favorite places on the planet.

  7. Thanks Doug! Great to hear from you and your trip sounds amazing too!! I’m so excited for Italy…I’ve never been and the opportunity came up (friends getting married in Tuscany) and we jumped at the invitation. Have a great trip!! (And let us know if you discover any spots in Tuscany that we shouldn’t miss!) Safe travels!

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