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Portland Foodie Stuff



I wanted to share this pretty cool iPhone food photo with you guys, and tell you that if you're ever in Portland and want to splurge on a spectacular meal, go check out Justin Woodward's creations at Castagna over on Hawthorne. We ordered the chef's tasting menu and it was gorgeous, creative, and delicious…every single bit of it. This restaurant is now right up there with…I'm a little afraid to say it since it's been our longstanding favorite foodie spot…right up there with Manresa. I know. And it feels so weird that it's in Portland, too…since most of our favorite spots take some effort to get to. Anyway, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

We're doing something right now that we can't do in the Airstream: Kevin's cooking a 5-pound brisket in the sous vide (after brining it and then smoking it for a couple hours on the Traeger) for 48 hours (which basically means being cooked inside a vacuum-sealed bag immersed in a 10 liter polycarbonate tank full of water that is being circulated and kept at the same temperature — 147 degrees F — by this cool invention, the Anova immersion circulator. It'll be ready for dinner tomorrow night, so I've still got more than 24 hours to figure out the side dishes. 🙂