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Oh alright, one more post about waterfalls

It rained and rained and rained all night, and this morning as we started our Monday workday in the Airstream, surprise! It was raining. We'd talked about doing a slightly abbreviated version of yesterday's hike today if there was a break in the weather, but we decided we still wanted to do it regardless of the weather. We got some work done first and then suited up and headed out. Today, we hiked the "Trail of Eight Falls" — leaving out Twin Falls and North Falls.

Here's South Falls from down near the bottom:


The wind was rippin through the canyon this morning so we got way more soaked on the part of the trail that goes behind the waterfall than we did yesterday, counting all the rain. 

Hey look! For just a minute, in the middle of our hike (it did not last):


We started at South Falls and made our way around the big loop, cutting across on the trail up to Winter Falls (which we'd only really seen/heard from the top, before the water actually falls). It's pretty nice from the bottom:


Today's hike was about 7 miles and now we're back at work, listening to the sound of the rain on the aluminum. I made us a killer omelette for breakfast (breakfast at 1:30pm, that is) — sauteed kale, baby shiitake mushrooms, cheddar, and a little bacon, topped with salsa. Notice how the food you eat after a long wet hike is usually quite a bit tastier than it normally is? 

Map of yesterday's hike (~11 miles): 

Photo 1

Map of today's hike (~7 miles):

Photo 2

I don't remember what the trail says the elevation gain is, but Fitbit says yesterday's hike was equivalent to approximately 102 floors and today's was 73.