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Ghosty Stuff in Savannah


Yesterday afternoon we went back to further explore the Bonaventure Cemetery (made famous by the book/movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil). We had about 15 minutes before they closed the gates so we drove around to get a good look at some of the more interesting graves and sculptures. I definitely could spend more time wandering around in here.








Driving down one of the roads inside the cemetery:


We had an early reservation at The Olde Pink House for dinner. We'd read good reviews and had also heard mixed reviews from friends…our experience was great. Our waitress recommended some fantastic dishes and we enjoyed everything we had: crab soup, a BLT salad, crab-stuffed grouper, and crispy duck. Our table in the "Study" was lovely, right next to three opened window/doors onto a garden balcony:



After dinner we walked back to our car and I swapped out my cute suede platform wedge shoes for the more comfortable alternative because we were going to spend the next couple of hours walking around Old Savannah on a ghost tour. This was the perfect thing to do on our last night in Savannah (and on the Saturday night before Halloween!)

We met our guide (Chad) at McDonough's pub and got a beer to-go (you can do that here) and started our tour at the Colonial Park Cemetery. This cemetery has some really interesting (and creepy) history, such as:

  • the cemetery used to stretch several more blocks but as the city expanded, they just built over it as they were developing, so although over 10,000 people are buried here, there are only about 600 headstones.
  • hundreds of General Sherman's soldiers camped here during the Civil War and would clear bodies out of the tombs so they could sleep in there (warmer than their tents). During this time they also amused themselves by carving disinformation into some of the headstones. 

I took a couple photos with my iPhone here (my battery was at 35%):


The sidewalk around the cemetery has this pattern in it…apparently it is/was believed that spirits cannot cross patterns and so there was pattern all the way around the cemetery:


I took about five photos and then my iPhone went black. I tried to turn it back on and it gave me the dead battery icon and the diagram to tell me to plug it in. Um, no. I tried to restart it –nothing. We walked a bit more, I tried again — nothing. I was so bummed. We continued the tour and learned a lot of interesting Savannah history and got to go inside and check out some really interesting old buildings and still, my iPhone would not come on at all. 

Our last stop was the building that now houses Moon River Brewing Co. We went into some seriously creepy rooms in this building. Still, no camera.

Eventually the tour ended and we got to talking with some new friends (Hi Katie and Russell!) and the four of us continued down to the City Market area where there were hundreds of people in Halloween costumes. We went and had a beer and danced a bit at the Tree House (totally fun) and then eventually we said goodbye and headed back to the car. As soon as we were in the car, the car robot voice said "Phone, connected." Huh? My phone was dead…how could it bluetooth connect to the car? I got it out of my bag, and it there it was, 18% battery charge, working fine as if nothing had happened.

Now what d'ya make of that? Spooky, huh?

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  1. Debbie Debbie

    Dan and I went on a similar walk in Savannah and one of the stops was the Moon River Brewing Company. We really enjoyed it. If you are ever in the SE area of US during March, I believe the end of March, Savannah has a wonderful tour of homes which is worth seeing. Hope all is going well. We had a great time in Cloudland, Georgia State Park, which we recommend staying at. Great hiking!

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