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No Helmets in Idaho

We got an early start this morning and after some breakfast, we left our nice spot in the parking lot of the Wildhorse Casino and continued East.


Somewhere in Idaho it started getting pretty smoky (nearby wildfires). 


Quick change of drivers just outside of Boise (95 degrees):


We decided to stop in Burley, ID for the evening to get some work done tonight and in the morning since tomorrow is a workday. We're at Village of Trees RV Resort (actually in Declo, ID, 5 miles or so past Burley). They have full hookups, nice trees, are right off the highway and near the Snake River; they have a cafe that you can call and they'll deliver to your RV, and, the real reason we chose this place: cable t.v. for tonight's episode of Breaking Bad. 

When we pulled in, a bunch of bikers were just heading out and one guy stopped and with a thick Australian accent asked if he could snap a photo of our Airstream…said there weren't many of them where he was from. I should have snapped a photo of him back…he was all in leathers with the hair and overall look of a guy who'd been on the road awhile in the hot sun and smoke. 

I noticed many of the motorcyclists we've seen on the road today haven't been wearing helmets so I looked up the laws for that on my State Lines app. Yep, not required in Idaho for anyone over 18. Then, since we'll be in Utah tomorrow I decided to check out those state-specific laws as well. Know what I found out? (Besides also no helmets required for bikers?) No alcohol may be served (none) on Election Day! Guess they don't want people getting all hammered and voting for the wrong guy.