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Long Walks on the Beach

We took the trail from the campground out to the beach and then walked the beach quite a ways down toward the lighthouse this evening. Now we're getting ready to have a martini, sear some scallops, and roast some asparagus for dinner. 

Bullards Beach State Park - 7

This is a very large piece of petrified wood (about 5 pounds) sitting on a giant log (to show the similarity, of course). I'd have brought it home, but I was already weighed down by all the rocks in my pocket.

Bullards Beach State Park - 8

I'm looking forward to seeing how these polish up (this is only some of them):

Bullards Beach State Park - 9

I have a small bowl of rocks we've (I've) gathered at different places we've traveled. I think when we go home this time I'll take them all with me polish 'em up in the rock tumbler my mom gave me (that I haven't used yet). Fun!

Headed out tomorrow to meet up with some other Airstream friends (Tiffani & Deke/Weaselmouth, Leigh and Brian/Aluminarium, and The Mehallicks) for our little impromptu rebel rally at Stub Stewart State Park for the weekend. Looking forward to it!