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Leaving Bandon, OR

Bullards Beach State Park - 06

This sign was on the trail we took out to the beach and we both thought it was a little funny. Whoa!! Careful! This is a curvy trail! (I'm guessing this might be for horses? But It still made us laugh.)

Bullards Beach State Park - 5866

Before leaving Bullards Beach (checkout time there is 1pm!) we headed over to the Bandon Fish Market to try the fish & chips. My mom recommended it and said this place is just about her favorite fish & chips place and she was right. (Thanks Mom!) It was delicious. We had a snapper fish & chips, and a salmon fish & chips and both were great, but also…the chips! Perfect. 

Photos - 5869

We stopped to get gas ($4.14/gallon) at this Shell on the way back to pick up the trailer. The gal working there came over and told us the guy was going to change the price (lower) on the sign, but not to worry…we were already getting the lower price. I imagined a scenario where we were sitting there as he changed the sign to $4.08/gallon and she told us that too bad, we started filling up before the price dropped, sorry 'bout that.