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Tag: snow

Another Snow Day!

(I know, "Yawn" from all you people in the North/Northeast…sorry. It's rare here in Portland.) 🙂 The road inside the arboretum where we hike most mornings: We went on our  hike before breakfast today — four and a half miles this time (in my Bogs!). The main road from our…


Snowy Hiking

I've been wanting some snow forEVER, and here it is! These are from our daily hike when we're home in Portland. Looks a bit different in the snow: In the sequoia grove: Snowy archery range: Okay and here's a shot I took this morning: And here's almost the same shot…


Beautiful Snowy Morning

I'm concerned about our neighbor. The truck is still there, so maybe he and his dog climbed in the truck. Or maybe a friend came and got him. I hope he's not under the tarp. Update: Neighbor is fine.