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Tag: Pacific Northwest

Airship in Seattle

This heron was hanging out on our dinghy on Saturday morning. I very quietly lifted the top hatch on the door to the cockpit and snapped a couple of photos before it took off: We headed up to Anacortes from Portland on Friday afternoon and got to the boat by about…

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Hey Guess What?

I know, there's not been anything interesting here in ages now! That's because we're just at home working (and catching up with friends, and blowing the leaves off the deck over and over again). Kevin's had a couple business trips, and I've been cleaning up my photo studio and preparing…


Okay so maybe I'm late to the party, but whatever, I'm here now! This is a fantastic site, and sounds like it's going to be growing more fantastic-er in the very near future. They've got 600 campgrounds (with all sites photographed) and will add another 100+ this year (mostly in Northwest,…