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Hey Guess What?

I know, there's not been anything interesting here in ages now! That's because we're just at home working (and catching up with friends, and blowing the leaves off the deck over and over again). Kevin's had a couple business trips, and I've been cleaning up my photo studio and preparing for a few shoots. Maybe I'll post a photo of my nice clean studio! 

But in the meantime, check this out! We made the cover of the 2016 Waggoner Cruising Guide! Pretty sweet!! 

2016 Cover Art

This was taken (by Mark Bunzel) in front of Kynoch Falls, at Kynoch Inlet at the Fiordland recreation area in British Columbia.

If you cruise by boat in the Pacific Northwest (or just want to read about the area from a boater's perspective) and don't have a Waggoner Guide, you should have one. It's full of great information about anchorages, marinas, local knowledge, and great tips. (The Waggoner Guide covers the area from Olympia all the way to Ketchikan, AK). The 2016 edition is not out yet, but I'll see if we can hook you up with a preorder link soon! 

Thanks Sam and Mark!


  1. Very cool! So fun! I think several of these are the same kind in various stages of growth/decomposition. I can only identify the witches butter (the orange stuff on the log) and that some of them are rusellas of some sort.

    • Yeah I knew there were some repeats, for sure. But man there were so many different ones. There’s one I didn’t post that was HUGE. I have one shot with my Xtratufs in it for scale. HUGE.

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