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Some Aerials from Aluminogan

Kevin took the hexacopter up for some aerials yesterday of our aluminum enclave here at Aluminogan:  And now, on to Kelowna! Should be quite a site, all of us caravanning together. I think we're going first, so that means I should  get some good photos of the whole lineup.


Flying the Hexacopter at South Beach

Kevin got some nice footage of the campground here at South Beach from the hexacopter yesterday. (That's our neighbor Mike on the goggles…Hi Mike!)


Badlands Aerial

Kevin got a nice shot of our surroundings this morning with the HexacopterCam. (Click image to enlarge…we're on the right) (Posted by Laura)

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Hexacopter Video: Chasing “Alaskan Explorer”

Kevin just finished his first video in the "Chasing Ships" series. Here's yesterday's Alaskan Explorer (petroleum), headed out to sea. It is passing Morning Menad (Hyundais) on its way into Portland, if I remember right.


Last Day at Silver Falls

Tomorrow we're heading to the first Airstream rally of the season (did someone say "sogfest"? It's being held in Silverton, at Silver Spur RV Park (full hookups, meeting rooms, laundry, the whole shebang). The snow is almost completely gone now here at Silver Falls State Park (probably because it's been…

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