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Weekend Warriors

Earlier, at about 2pm this afternoon, we walked past a campsite and overheard the following: Woman:  How do you expect me to drive???  I've already had five martinis! Man:  I wasn't askin' you to drive! Nice! (Posted by Laura)

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In Central Oregon there's Lavaland…and in and around Lavaland there are many cool things to explore. The landscape is harsh and craggy and there are lava tubes and obsidian fields and lava forests. At the top of the Lava Butte Cinder Cone, they have several little 8×10 wooden placards showing…

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Mac Mini

 I've added a Mac Mini to the trailer.   Why?  Because 2 iPhones, an Xbox, and 2 Windows laptops were just not enough things competing for the internet connection from the wifi-in-motion I installed?  (read about that here) No, because it solved a bunch of problems all at once.  …

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Tumalo State Park

Went for a walk along the Deschutes River right from the campground this afternoon, and took some shots with my iPhone.     (Posted by Laura)      


LED vs Halogen

The new trailer has 31 halogen light sockets (at 10W each) plus a closet light, a shower light, and a patio/step light. All on at the same time, these would be a total of about 340W. I've just finished replacing them all with LED arrays. Each LED array is a…

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Heading Southish

Today we left Silver Falls and headed south with the idea of La Pine, south of Bend, OR.  Here are some snaps along the way:   (Dam at Detroit Lake) (Coming over Santiam Pass)   (Nice shadows in the snow)   (Poppin' out of the sunroof)   (Mount Washington)   (Three Sisters mountains)   (This is…

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Silver Falls

Today we left Champoeg and headed to Silver Falls for one night.  Got the Airstream parked and headed for some falls!  I took all these with my iphone…especially fun when the trail goes behind the waterfalls.   (Posted by Laura)

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I moved!

I broke down camp (including awning and little cute blinky lights) and hitched up the new (longer, bigger) trailer and towed it for the first time by myself. Sure, it was just over to the other loop of the campground….so what. It could have been anywhere. I wanted the practice,…

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