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Heading Southish

Today we left Silver Falls and headed south with the idea of La Pine, south of Bend, OR.  Here are some snaps along the way: 

(Dam at Detroit Lake)

(Coming over Santiam Pass)

(Nice shadows in the snow)

(Poppin' out of the sunroof)

(Mount Washington)

(Three Sisters mountains)

(This is right before they announced a high wind warning in this area…I think they heard it first up there.)

We went to La Pine State Park first but had no cell signal whatsoever (AT&T or Sprint) so we backtracked to a spot we saw just before Bend called Tumalo State Park.  We'd never been there, but it sounded pretty good when I looked it up (right on the Deschutes River, quiet, dark at night, coyotes can be heard…) it sounded great.  Turns out it IS great.  Spots will full hookups, quiet, pretty.  We found a Trader Joe's in town and stocked up for a few days.  We will probably stay here and explore Newberry Crater, the lava cave, the lava cast Forest, and maybe the obsidian fields.   
(Posted by Laura)