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Category: Sailing

Out on the Lake

Kevin and his mom heading out to try for some trout earlier in the day yesterday (no trout were caught): Kevin and I went back out to fish a little more early in the evening before sunset yesterday, and though we didn't catch anything (a few nibbles), it was gorgeous…

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Paulina Lake

We arrived last night at the Paulina Lake Campground. Wow. Why haven't we camped here before? This area is beautiful and we've explored it quite a bit on other trips but until now hadn't camped here. It's gorgeous. And for a Forest Service campground…holy moly! This is our spot: And…

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I got one! (A pretty good one, too.)  Here's another shot of our campsite from the water (you can barely see us in there!): And one of Kevin while we were sailing to our next fishing spot:  We love our Hobie Tandem Island. It's so much fun to be able…

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Car-Topping the Hobie Tandem Island (Step-by-Step)

We posted several months ago about how we car-top our Hobie Tandem Island while towing our Airstream, and we've had a huge amount of traffic on that post as well as a number of questions from readers. As a follow-up, here is an illustrated step-by-step guide to what we do.…