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Some rain, still no fish, 48 degrees

We decided to stay a few extra days after the Airstream rally ended on Sunday and will head home tomorrow. We still have no cell service and very intermittent internet, so we're back in LaPine doing a little work. Thought I'd upload a few photos while we're here.

So far we've been dry camping since last Sunday (the 10th) and we've dumped and refilled water once (and we're still good) and we've been able to make multiple cappuccinos, watch several DVDs, use and charge our computers and iPhones, and run the heater a bit (ahem, JULY!), and only yesterday did we finally dip down below 80%…we're down to 68% power, but the clouds are starting to break up so perhaps back at the ranch we're pulling in some solar right this moment!

Here's a shot of Kevin heading out to try for some fish a few evenings ago:


Looking back towards the shore during a break in the rain:


And the Paulina Lake Lodge and marina:

(Posted by Laura)