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Category: Restaurants

Breckenridge Brewery

The other day we decided to go have lunch at Breckenridge Brewery. (They have BBQ too, not just beer.) We got there about 20 minutes before a tour started, so we decided to do a tasting, then tour, then lunch.  This is the order we ordered them in, not the…

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Farmers Market, Tabor Opera House, and Cowboy Mounted Shooting

This morning we headed into town to check out the last Saturday Farmers Market of the summer. It was quite small, but we picked up some nice tomatoes, jalapenos, garlic, and a box of raspberries. We put our produce in the car and went to check out the self-guided tour…

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Silverton, Outlaw Steaks, Dirt Bikes, and Wally Dallenbach

I don't even know where to start. After work today we decided to drive just the truck from Ouray to Silverton (along the winding, twisty, Milion Dollar Highway, steep drop offs, hairy) to check out the campsite we thought we might head to tomorrow (the free, park wherever spot we…


Lunch and Farmers Market at Port Townsend, and Nuclear Submarines

This afternoon we hopped on the 1:15pm Coupeville-Port Townsend ferry and headed to Port Townsend for a couple hours. The photo above is of the Fort Casey campground (with the helpful arrow to show you where we are). The ferry to Port Townsend is $3.20 per person one-way walk-on, and…