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Lunch and Farmers Market at Port Townsend, and Nuclear Submarines


This afternoon we hopped on the 1:15pm Coupeville-Port Townsend ferry and headed to Port Townsend for a couple hours. The photo above is of the Fort Casey campground (with the helpful arrow to show you where we are).


The ferry to Port Townsend is $3.20 per person one-way walk-on, and it's about a 30 minute ferry ride. 


Here we are, on the ferry, according to my ship tracking app:


Port Townsend is a charming town that we love visiting. I think the last time we were up here it was during the very cool Wooden Boat Festival. It's about 40 miles Northwest of Seattle, with a population of around 9,000. 


From the ferry terminal we headed down Water Street until we got to a spot with stairs to get up the bluff. Here's a view from the bluff: 


There's a neat old bell tower at the top of the bluff that I didn't get a good shot of (backlit, sloppy with my iPhone camera settings, whatever), so here's a photo of the sign, and a link to a site that tells about it, if you're interested:


Our first stop was Sweet Laurette's Cafe & Bistro for lunch (locally grown, organic food, prepared from scratch). LOVE this place. We shared a Croque Madame sandwich (natural honey ham, gruyere cheese, mayo-dijon spread & fried eggs on griddled sourdough served with fries) and a Salad aux Lardons (local organic spinach with crisp bacon, cherry tomatoes, homemade croutons and a poached duck egg with warm bacon, dijon, and balsamic viniagrette). We sat out on the patio, the weather was amazing, our server (Hi Julie!) was fabulous, and the food was just perfect. Kevin was wearing an Airstream shirt and Julie said "Airstream shirt? Do you have one?" and so we ended up talking trailers. She's in the middle of gutting/customizing a 1960-something 28' Avion with her husband/boyfriend who is an artist/woodworker. Can't wait to see photos!

After lunch we went around the corner to hit up the Wednesday Afternoon Farmers Market


Here's what we got:


French breakfast radishes, sun gold tomatoes, blueberries, organic spinach, organic salad greens, green beans, some white chocolate bark with star anise and pink peppercorn, and two kinds of cheese from Mt. Townsend Creamery:



I was hoping to score some eggs, but they said the restaurant demand was really high right now and they were out, but they'd have some on Saturday. The day we leave. (And yeah, I'd just watched her bring 5-6 flats of eggs into the bistro while we were finishing our lunch! Greedy!) 🙂

We caught the 3:45pm ferry back to the campground (it's walking distance to the ferry terminal) and on the way back we both noticed a change in the ferry engine, as if we'd slowed considerably. And then, we saw a nuclear submarine crossing in front of us, headed out to sea accompanied by two Coast Guard cutters.


Oddly, it didn't appear on our ship tracking app. There it goes:


What a fun afternoon!

Oh yeah, and we found a spot we want to come back to! The Port Hudson Marina. It's hard to see in this photo, but straight through those nice boats, parked out on that point, there are RVs. Waterfront, ridiculous views. Want!!



  1. Rose Rose

    Don’t go buying eggs! We have some for you tomorrow.

  2. Nice blog!

    We’re in contemplation mode of becoming AS gypsies.

    Great to see pics of PT in the sun. One of my fave hometowns…

  3. Thanks Sondra! Oh man the weather was just spectacular yesterday there, too. -L

  4. Rose: Yay eggs!! You’re so sweet. We’ll have our last two for breakfast tomorrow before we head over. 🙂 xo -L

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