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Category: At Home

New Boat Quilt!

We recently commissioned a quilt for the boat from our very talented friend Laura Preston. Her company is Vacilando Quilting Co., and you should follow her because her work is fantastic.  Our quilt arrived the other day and we're super excited to take it to the boat, but for now, here are…

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Forgotten Black Bears

I forgot to show you this photo of a black bear sow and cub that I took when we were transiting from Lowe Inlet to Khutze Inlet in BC, because that was also the day of a zillion bubble feeding humpbacks, so it got left behind. Poor bears. I'm trying…

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Holiday Fun

On Christmas Eve we headed out to Zurbrugg Farms to get our tree.  We found a perfect one pretty fast and managed to get it cut down and hoisted on top of the truck to take home. We all think it’s the best and biggest tree we’ve ever had, but…


Holiday Traditions

We're at our home in Portland for the holidays. Soon, our houseguests will arrive and the brief period of holiday traditions will begin. We are not a religious bunch, but we embrace it all and pick the parts we like best for our own traditions…like this naked headless Barbie wreath,…


Work Work Work

Work work work work coffee work work working more work a tiny break then more work. Morning hike, back to work, work work, shower, food, work work work work work work more coffee then more work. Hey look, a deer is eating my plants! Back to work work work then dinner…

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