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Forgotten Black Bears


I forgot to show you this photo of a black bear sow and cub that I took when we were transiting from Lowe Inlet to Khutze Inlet in BC, because that was also the day of a zillion bubble feeding humpbacks, so it got left behind. Poor bears. I'm trying to make up. (This photo is WAY zoomed and then way cropped…pretty good for my crippled camera!)

Also, we're home (you probably figured that, due to the last post and the lack of more posts since that last post) but we have some more posts we're working on about the trip in general, and about doing the Waggoner flotilla, so expect to see those in the near future. Also, expect us to be back on the boat soon, because this whole "land" thing is just weird. (And the house is too big, and there's too much stuff, and OMG mail! I hate mail! What is with all the magazines???)

We bought a WaterRower for home and have been using it every day. It's supposed to be one of the most whole-body workouts you can get next to swimming — the movement and the feel of the workout is very satisfying, and…"Hey neat! Water sounds!" I had a quick image of using it on the top deck of Airship as we cruised along, taking turns up there, pretending to power the boat. It's not marine grade though, so it's probably not gonna happen.