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More Cypress Island

We were going to head back to Portland today, but instead, we decided to spend another night out at Cypress. We have a few more organizational projects to do, and it’s nice out here, and we still have enough food and wine and it’s Friday, and well, you know how it is.

This morning after breakfast we took the dinghy out for some noodling around (breaking in the new outboard) and then hiked around on Cypress Head for a bit.

The mosses are growing like crazy out here. Love these colors!

Cypress Island has some great boat-in campsites out on Cypress Head. Not a bad view from here:

Oh yeah, I forgot to post these yesterday. While working on Airship in Anacortes yesterday, a huge heron landed on the top side of the dinghy. It was a more colorful one than usual, with browns and blues and grays and whites. I moved very slowly and picked up the camera. I took one quick shot and then inched closer to see if I could get a more unobstructed one….

…but apparently I wasn’t stealthy enough. You can kinda see the (blurry) brown on his wing/shoulders….oh well. 🙂