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Last Night at Cypress Head (I made shakshuka!)

Yesterday afternoon after a bunch of work on the boat (both “work work” and “boat work”) we dinghied over to Eagle Harbor and went on another hike before dinner.

The weather yesterday could not have been better. We even had a cocktail on the top deck!

For dinner, I made a version of Shakshuka that I mashed up from a couple different recipes online. I added spinach and a little leftover pulled pork to our version, and it was amazing! Definitely a keeper! I should have taken a photo, but I didn’t. Here’s a recipe with a photo though…it looked kinda like that.

I sauteed some shallots and garlic in olive oil, then added cayenne, cumin, paprika, and red chili flakes to that. Then, some fresh diced tomato as well as a big can of organic crushed tomatoes, salt and pepper, and a couple big handfuls of spinach. I let that bubble a while on the stovetop, and when the bread was almost ready (crusty sourdough garlic bread) I cracked four eggs into the bubbling tomato mixture and let them poach on the stovetop. When eggs were soft-poached, I sprinkled a handful of shaved parmesan over the top, and then pulled out a big spoonful for each of us…served in a bowl with a side of crusty bread for dunking. Heavenly! Will definitely make this again. (Well, and I’m about to use the leftovers for breakfast. Great for any time of day, really.)

Here’s the breakfast version, as the eggs are poaching (we’re doing without the bread this morning):