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Langley to Coupeville | Whidbey Island

Sunset light from the dock Monday night at Langley:

We had a lovely dinner at Prima Bistro (and, after looking at the blog post from our last visit, it turns out we ordered the exact same thing as when we were here two years ago: bouillabaisse and the wild boar ragout over house-made pasta…predictable much?)

The weather was pretty and clear again in the morning and we left around 9:30am for Coupeville. It took us about 2.5 hours to get to Coupeville. By then it had gotten a little windy and cloudy. Our plan was to stop for lunch at Toby’s and then continue north to either LaConner or all the way to Anacortes.

We tied up at the wharf dock in Coupeville which is free during the day, then between 5pm-8pm changes to $5. We hear it’s about to change to $5 for 3 hours at all times of the day, and overnight will be somewhere just over a buck a foot. There were two guys out repairing things on the dock, and it was actually looking pretty good. No upgrades (like water or power) are planned.

Downtown Coupeville (“A Touch of Dutch” on the corner):

There was a guy (Chris) walking around town in a dinosaur costume handing out Valentine’s Day cards (from “Chris” to “a friend”) attached to small bags of candy hearts. He came into Toby’s while we were having lunch and walked around the restaurant handing out Valentines to the customers and the servers.

Then he sat at the bar and had a beer (the server told him it was her Valentine to him). His dinosaur did not look all that happy being smushed onto the bar stool, but I overheard him telling the server how much fun he was having in his costume, passing out Valentines. It was pretty sweet.

We left Coupeville and decided that we’d probably go all the way to Anacortes. The forecast for today was and still is 25-35 knots, wind waves 3-5 feet. Here in the marina it’s raining and gusting to about 30kts, so it’s a nice day to be tucked in and catching up on work and boat projects.