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Coupeville and Langley (Whidbey Island)


This morning we got up early and after a shower and a quick breakfast we said goodbye to LaConner (above) and headed toward Coupeville, a small wharf town in Penn Cove on Whidbey Island.

Crumpled shack on the way out of the Swinomish Channel:


Bald eagle hanging out on a piling, watching us pass by:


Surf shack on Whidbey:


We decided to stop in Coupeville for some Penn Cove mussels at Toby's. Toby's is the red/white building on the left:


Approaching the wharf:



Docked and heading to town for lunch:


Not too busy at this time of year, is it?

Toby's is great…a dive(ish) bar, with really good steamed Penn Cove mussels with garlic bread. 

A little view of our Airship out the window:


Perfect bar ambiance and super nice people.


And the mussels were REALLY good:


Here's our route from LaConner to Coupeville:


We headed back out to Airship after lunch and then made our way further south to Langley. The weather was kinda crappy, but still totally fun in the boat. Looking back from the pilothouse window:


A bit of wind, and some wind waves (2-4 feet) but Airship is so solid. Nothing creaks, clanks, or blams at all. Even in this!

We arrived in Langley and met up with some good friends (Hi Rose, Eric, Ben, Tim, Nate!) and it was a blast to have them on the boat with us for a bit (us there on the far right)! This is when we saw them last, on Whidbey with our Airstream (too long ago!)


After that visit we headed up into town to wander around a bit and popped in to say hi to some fellow Airstreaming friends who own the Poppybank Gallery (Hi Leslie & Chris!) It was nice to see their gallery finally (beautiful spot…if you're in Langley you should definitely stop in and check it out). They asked us if we had time to join them for a drink or for dinner, or if we had plans. Rose & Eric had recommended Prima Bistro, so we said we'd planned to go there, and it turns out…Leslie and Chris were planning to have dinner there tonight (it's Monday – bouillabaisse night!) so we all walked over and had a delicious meal there! Drinks, charcuterie, cheese, and then bouillabaisse and a wild boar ragout over house-made pasta (oh hi, Italy!) The food was fabulous, and we had a nice time catching up and visiting with Leslie and Chris. The last time we saw them was at Dave and Ann's Farmlet in Petaluma.

What a fun day on the water, and a great evening catching up with friends! 

Oh, here's our route from Coupeville to Langley: