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Kasaan | Sunsets and Quiche

The sunsets in Kasaan are so beautiful. These are three photos from last night, at different stages.

kasaan_sunset-7031 kasaan_sunset-6060 kasaan_sunset-6067

As the sun sets, the low golden light shines bright on the village and the hillside (behind me)…maybe I’ll take photos of that next time, but it’s hard to look away from the changing colors in the sky. Speaking of changing colors, the aurora forecast for last night was high, and since we had a mostly clear sky, I set an alarm for 1am…but by then some clouds had come around so there wasn’t anything to see. I checked again around 3:30am (the sky was clear) but I just saw stars. Of course this morning, the facebook page for Aurora Notifications was lighting up like crazy with a ton of photos of last night’s lights. Bah! We’ll try again tonight maybe, but so far today’s sky is cloudy.

We were in the market a few days ago and I wanted to get some flour and yeast to make some pizza dough, but they only had 5 lb bags of flour and I didn’t feel like trying to find a place for that bag in the kinda-full cupboard back on Airship, so as I was browsing the wall of Bob’s Red Mill small packages of a zillion kinds of flour, I spotted this bag of gluten-free pizza crust, and we decided to try it.


I bought some yeast, but this bag actually came with a package of yeast inside. We made one small pizza with half the dough (and some homemade red sauce), and it turned out really good. We both prefer pizza dough with gluten (mainly because of the texture), but this was not bad at all. The next morning I made some tiny breakfast quiches (in muffin tins) using a little more of the dough (I’d wrapped it in plastic and kept it in the fridge overnight). Those turned out great, so this morning I had some leftover sausage and cabbage from last night’s dinner, so I got out a round cake pan, and with the rest of the dough I made kind of a quiche (eggs, cheese, sausage, spinach, cabbage, a little salsa, salt and pepper). It turned out great!! This dough is actually perfect for quiche-like things…and if you’re gluten free, I highly recommend it for pizza too.


Update (for Pat):

Here are my notes on the quiche I made. Heat oven to 350. Following the directions on the Red Mill package, spread some dough with wet hands (makes it way easier) over the bottom and sides of a round, greased cake pan. Par bake until you can touch the dough and it doesn’t stick to your fingers. In a separate bowl, mix four eggs, a handful of whatever shredded cheese you want, chopped spinach, salt and pepper, and if you like, some chopped cooked bacon or chopped cooked sausage…a spoonful of salsa, etc. You can really put anything you want in here.

Pour mixture into par baked crust and return to oven until the center is a little bouncy to the touch. If you wiggle the pan and the filling jiggles like it’s still liquid, cook it for a bit longer. You want the eggs cooked and not runny. Mine took a while (45-50 minutes) but I’m cooking in a boat oven, which isn’t always as consistent (or as hot) as a home oven.

Slice into wedges and serve with hot sauce.

There, that’s my recipe. 🙂

p.s. For the individual muffin-sized quiches, do the same thing…they don’t take as long to cook.

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  1. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Mmmm, pizza from scratch! Must try that soon! On another note, have the new solar panels performed well? Call me curious.

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