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Getting Ready for Alaska!

I haven't posted in a few days (okay, over a week) because we've just been doing a bunch of relatively boring stuff as we get ready to head north to SE Alaska next week. We were at home for a couple weeks, where I squeezed in about eight photo shoots (!!!) Kevin had a business trip, and we did the pre-Alaska Costco run. We're at the boat now, finishing up a few projects we wanted to have done before it's time to leave. Our days have been filled with regular work-work, mixed in with lots of boat stuff, and then maybe a beer and some fish tacos up at Anthony's Cabana. Not a bad way to end a work day.



Yesterday was my birthday so we did not work on any boat projects. We went out to breakfast, hung out a little, and then headed to Cypress Island for the night. I colored with the new watercolor pencils in the cool coloring book my mom got me while Kevin wrote an article:



This is a pretty chill way to spend an hour or two! Thanks Mom!! 

We're back at the marina now and just doing some work.

Our AIS quit a couple weeks ago, so that's been fixed and will be reinstalled today. Frank finished doing the rest of the Amtico in the stateroom (no more carpet!) and it looks amazing. Kevin upgraded the 12 volt wiring from 2 gauge to 00 between the new lithium batteries and the inverter charger to handle the higher current that the new lithium batteries can deliver. He also upgraded from a 200 amp breaker to a 400 amp fuse. This allows us, among other things, to run the water heater off of the inverter (so now we can have hot water all the time, rather than having to run the engine, or the generator, or plug into shore power to get hot water). Woohoo!

I managed to find a place for almost all of the provisions we brought with us. Barely.


(That brownie mix makes for a fantastic "thank you" plate of brownies in exchange for things like secret fishing spot coordinates, fresh fish, etc. It's a "must" to bring with us!)

This cabinet was formerly known as the wine cellar, but since we can only take two bottles each across the border into Canada, it's been repurposed:


My workspace, below. 🙂 (That's a Grovemade laptop stand. I love it, and I got it here. I had a different one before, but it was a little wobbly for my 17-inch MacBook Pro.) 


Next project: Washing the boat! 


  1. eheffa eheffa

    Thanks for the daily updates.

    We are hoping to follow a similar (more abbreviated ) track very soon & appreciate the scouting you do for us… how thoughtful 😉

    Happy voyaging!


    • It’s rough, but someone’s got to do it, right? Always happy to help. 🙂

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