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Airship to Alaska | Day 1 | Anacortes to Roche Harbor

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016 – Here we go again! 

We were finished with all of our boat projects and provisioning a little sooner than we expected, so we decided to head out a couple days early. We left Cap Sante in Anacortes and cruised over to Roche Harbor on San Juan Island today. We figured we'd rather do the one load of laundry we had left over here instead of at Cap Sante. It's beautiful here, and now we're just that much closer to Canada. 🙂


The weather started out a little dreary, but morphed into a gorgeous day.

Airship, all expedition-ready!


I guess we've never been to Roche Harbor in the "On Season" (which started Friday, apparently). The moorage was $65 for tonight…not $30-something as it normally is when we're here (in the Off Season). But we did have the very charming Hailey come out to our boat to take our payment right there, rather than having to go over to office to pay. Also, there are now trash cans right ON the dock…no walking up to the top to take your trash. So there's all THAT going for the On Season. :) 

We did Mother's Day festivities with my mom last Sunday (brunch, some copter aerials of her home in Kelso, WA, etc.). Here are a couple of the copter shots (that's my mom in the second photo, throwing the ball for her three White Shepherds):



Kevin flew the copter while I used my iPhone and the other controller to control the camera and take photos. It was fantastic! We'll do more of this on our trip north (and show you the setup next time…it's very cool!)

Hawk on a mast, back in Anacortes:


We're going to cook dinner on Airship tonight (risotto, kale, mushrooms) and probably before dinner we'll head to the upper deck and sip an Aperol Spritz while enjoying the sunset, and the first(ish) night of our second trip up the Inside Passage to SE Alaska. We're super excited, and glad to have you along with us again! 

The plan for tomorrow is to clear customs in Bedwell Harbor on Pender Island, and then stay tomorrow night in Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring Island.

Today's route from Anacortes over to Roche Harbor. 4 hours 27 minutes, 27 nautical miles:



  1. Those are some of the best pictures I’ve seen on this blog. IMHO. Especially the first one… OK, two… and the bottom three. In any order. Wow.

  2. I too love the mood in those first two photos… slightly tinted black and whites, like olden portraits where they’d put a little “rose” on your cheeks :). Going to love going back to Alaska with you.
    Box Canyon.

    • Thanks Mark! Glad you’re coming along! 🙂

  3. sanityhunter sanityhunter

    Beautiful pictures. We were up by Toba the other weekend and Im pretty sure there is a sign saying it doesnt open until May 15.

    • Okay great to know, thank you! We’re flexible and are always fine with backup plans. 🙂

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