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Cypress and Sucia

Yesterday morning, Cypress Island:


We spent Tuesday night at Cypress Head with Sam. Sam now has a drone too and got a nice shot of our two Nordic Tugs tucked away in the cove:


Here's Sam on his bow, in his robe, bringing in the drone:


We left Cypress and were headed to Griffin Bay on San Juan Island, but Sam heard on the radio that there were some K dubs (killer whales, orcas) out near Sucia Island, so we changed our plans and headed out to Sucia. We never saw any orcas though.

We moored in Shallow Bay on the west side of Sucia Island. Before we headed to shore for some hiking, Sam took the drone up again and got some great shots of us in the bay, with the rest of Sucia Island and Mount Baker in the background. So cool!



Dinghy on shore, Nordic Tugs (and a sailboat) in the background:



Kevin and Sam on a makeshift teeter-totter in Echo Bay:



Dinner on Airship last night was grilled chicken, zucchini and risotto. 

This morning is calm and gray. Kevin's working, and I'm making breakfast tacos for us before we head out. 


We don't know where our next stop is yet because…that's how we roll. 🙂


  1. eheffa eheffa

    Sorry, I’m Canadian & obviously don’t get out enough…

    I have to ask:

    What are ‘Carharrts’ in this context?


  2. GMertl GMertl

    Oh boy, that is a riot. It’s amazing the things you see when you’re “out there”. The more often you get out, the better it is. Thanks for a good chuckle.

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