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Bonus Photos: San Juan Islands

I forgot to post these photos from my Nikon the other day. Bald eagle on (and off) a buoy:




And a nice view of Mt. Baker on the way over to Cypress Island:



  1. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    This is getting ridiculous! Did you radio San Juan Sheriff or CG? i would have! Maybe some survival show underwritten by cathartt is taking place? It’s a long way to Deer Harbor for a brewski run and we all know how important the suds are to the carhartt crowd!

  2. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    My day, btw, was also super exciting! Emissions tested the truck…passed! Power-washed same! Bonus: Watched Barney Miller! two,episodes back-to -back!

    • Hahahaha! (Congrats on the passed test!) 🙂

  3. GMertl GMertl

    That is just weird. There were some oil-spill response team practices yesterday but I don’t believe it was anywhere near Patos. You never know what the Homeland Stupidity folks are going to do, lol. It does make you wonder though…

    • Overall it seems like much-increased border patrol, and like maybe these guys are stationed at the lighthouse to monitor the comings and goings in this cove on Patos. However, it definitely makes for a not-so-chill marine state park experience. They should dress more like hikers or kayakers. They’d draw less attention. 🙂

  4. eheffa eheffa

    Hmmm. Nice Camus shot!

    We were thinking Patos might be our first San Juan destination once we get our Nexus card; now… Not so sure.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    – evan

    • If it’s all legit (which I think it is), it certainly makes for kind of a creepy marine state park experience. But it’s SO beautiful here…still worth it, I think. 🙂

  5. Pat Davenport Pat Davenport

    The Carhart guys on he island had to be either underviver law in for cement or they were the bad guys. Also, I wonder if the fish and game guys were within their legal rights by pulling you over. Did they see you fishing and suspect you didn’t have licenses? Did they board and search your boat? This seems kind of “fishy”, pardon the pun.

    The other thing it could have been was that they were either.looking for drug smugglers or people smugglers. Our northern border is even more porus than our southern border because of the water and all the vegetation. Our customs people have known this for years.

  6. Pat Davenport Pat Davenport

    Please forgive the autocorrect mistakes on my first comment. I’m posting form my cell.

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