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Watmough Bay, Lopez Island


We had a beautiful calm, silvery cruise from Turn Island out around the bottom of Lopez Island and over to Watmough Bay.

View from our new moorage:


Once we were settled (takes about 2 minutes) Kevin decided to take the dinghy and the Torqeedo out for some exploring, while I kicked back and read a book. Ahhh, Saturday!

Today it's gray and raining a little bit, but still calm and our cruise back to Anacortes this afternoon should be calm and uneventful.


  1. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Hello Airship! I only know where you are by your blog posts. My Marine Traffic app can’t find your AIS signal. The program is a browser based system, maybe you are out of range of a participating station? You tend to leave your AIS on 24/7 making you trackable in near real time. Love that Cypress Head mooring spot.

    • Hey Kevin! Yeah, we’re having a little trouble with the AIS. Trying to diagnose now.
      We loved that Cypress Head mooring spot too!

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