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Turn Island with S/V Yahtzee


Yesterday we met up with Andy Cross and his two sons, Porter and Magus, aboard Yahtzee. You may know Andy from his Three Sheets NW website.) We've corresponded a bit via email and it was great to finally meet in person. 


We're moored just around the corner from here…you can just see Yahtzee there on the right…


We all went to shore and the boys played on the beach (and in the trees, and in the water) while the three of us exchanged stories and backgrounds and such as we got to know each other. 


I wish this photo had been focused on Magnus instead of the dinghies, but I still thought I'd post it. Porter was running around and playing like crazy while Magnus just hung here on the picnic table with us, chillin' and eating his grapes and goldfish.


We did dinner on Airship and then wine on Yahtzee (so the boys could go to bed at a decent hour). It was a great night, and always fun to meet new friends. (Andy's wife, Jill, was out of town…so we'll look forward to meeting her next time we connect!)

This morning we slept in a bit, and then after breakfast we all met back at the beach for a little hiking.

I love their little rowboat! (Andy says it sails well, too!)


There's a nice trail around the outside of Turn Island and it's quite a pretty hike:




Turn Island is just outside and around the corner from Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, so if you're not feeling the marina thing but want to be close to town, this little place is a good alternative. 

Tonight: Watmough Bay at the southeast tip of Lopez Island!