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Plated is Awesome

We've been trying out a new service called Plated. Plated delivers everything you need to create "delicious chef-designed recipes." You receive a weekly box of fresh and seasonal ingredients, pre-portioned for the recipes you choose. The recipes/ingredients are meals for two, and you can opt for two, three, or four meals (for two) per week. You get to choose from 7 standard meals (included in your normal price) with the option of a slight upcharge for a "Chef's Table" meal with slightly more expensive ingredients. (Also available: desserts.)

A friend recommended Plated to us, and after some research into some of the other similar services, Plated definitely looked like the best one with the most interesting recipes and the most variety. We've been using it now for a few weeks and it's fantastic. There hasn't been one meal that we didn't like. The ingredients are fresh. The pre-portioning is brilliant and makes things SUPER easy, and it's perfect for the boat!! We opted for a 3x/week plan, but added a fourth dinner to the delivery we got right before we headed up to the boat. It made cooking dinner a breeze. Having all the ingredients pre-portioned without having to have a mega pantry on the boat is pretty sweet!

Here's this week's box (with the recipe card for Mu Shu Chicken with Pancakes on top, which was delicious, by the way):


The ingredients come like this, in an insulated, ice-filled box:


Most of the time, all you need to have on hand is salt, pepper, and olive oil! 

From the Plated website: Steak frites, creamy shallot sauce, and sautéed spinach (this was also was SO good) with ingredients and info:

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 7.52.41 PM

Here are a few of the dinners from our upcoming order:

Beef bibimbap with sautéed mushrooms and spinach:


Roasted cod tacos with butternut squash and cabbage slaw:


Chicken pad thai with bok choy:


You can create your taste profile however you like, and include or exclude poultry, beef, fish, vegetarian, pork, shellfish, and lamb. We're total fans! I love to cook and experiement, but it's definitely been fun to learn some new dishes (I've already made two favorites over again). 

Also, Plated in combination with the advent of Amazon Prime Now is a pretty sweet combo. Amazon Prime Now is an app where I can shop (via my iPhone) from several local grocery stores (New Seasons, Uwajimaya, World Foods, and Amazon) and my order is delivered within two hours (not by drone). We seldom even have to step foot in a grocery store anymore. Heaven! 🙂

(Last four images courtesy of Plated)


  1. Glen Glen

    Happy New Year Laura & Kevin! I was also at Sucia (Fossil Bay) yesterday and I saw Fortunate while I was visiting Patos Island. I look forward to enjoying your 2016 posts.

    • Happy New Year Glen! Glad you’re out here too enjoying this fabulous weather. 🙂

  2. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    So placid, calmer than last July when an Easterly kept us up at night in Echo bay

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