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Sunset in Ketchikan

Airship Goes to Alaska


That is straight outta the camera, no filters whatsoever. Incredible, isn't it? I couldn't make this sunset look real in Photoshop no matter how hard I tried. It was spectacular. Sure glad those cruise ships left!

This is our view (same direction) this morning:


The cruise ship spot on the left (other side of that structure) doesn't have today's cruise ship in it yet, but it wouldn't be much different than a wall of fog even it was there. 🙂 (There are four ships scheduled in port today. Four!)

Here are a few supporting photos for last night's sunset:




Today we're heading to Foggy Bay (an overnight stop before going the rest of the way to Prince Rupert tomorrow).Foggy Bay is 30ish miles from Ketchikan, and Prince Rupert is another 50 or so from Foggy Bay. We did the trip in one long day on the way up, but it'll be nice to break it up this time.

The forecast for Dixon Entrance (today and tomorrow) is for 1 meter seas, and winds (varying directions) from 5 t0 15 kts. Sounds like a great weather window. Now if this fog will just burn off so we can better see all those dang logs in the water! 


  1. Oh my. No pump even remotely related to black tanks should be named “Gulper”. Gah!

    Congrats (and sympathies) to Kevin for all of the fragrantly adventurous exploratory work. That deserves a notch on the old tool belt. And a beer.

  2. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    You are now both flushed with a mixture of pride, relief, and embarassment. As my EE father always likes to say, “check all connections first!”

  3. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Wish my electrical panel was so accessable!

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