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Shoal Bay to Desolation Sound

Shoal Bay, BC to Melanie Cove in Desolation Sound, BC

We left Shoal Bay at 6am this morning so we could be at Dent Rapids by slack tide (7:15am). It looked like this:



See those little lights up ahead? That's not a line of several boats waiting for slack at Dent Rapids. It's two tugboats pulling and pushing a GIGANTIC island of logs.

Getting lighter out, finally:


There were no other boats at Dent when we got there. We binoc'd it and it looked smooth so we headed through…first Dent Rapids, then Gillard Rapids, then Yuculta Rapids, all in a row. By the time we got to Yuculta we could see some swirly bits and feel the ebb against us, but no issues. That makes five sets of rapids in two days (yesterday was Whirlpool and Greene Point). And now, we're done with rapids!

We had a nice cruise down to Desolation Sound. We headed for Prideaux Haven thinking we'd check it out, as well as Melanie Cove.

It's rainy and a bit gray so our view isn't as spectacular as it could be, but it seems to be clearing up a bit (it's only 2pm) so maybe the view will change.

We took the dinghy out exploring…went the back route over to Laura Cove and just meandered around the islands. It's gorgeous here.



Here we are at anchor. There were maybe six boats over in the Prideaux Haven and no one in Melanie Cove when we got here. (Now there are two other boats.)


There's a squadron of otters swimming around catching fish, but other than that it's pretty quiet in here. 

Today's route from Shoal Bay to Melanie Cove (38 nautical miles):

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 2.31.43 PM

Here's a map of our dinghy exploration over to Laura Cove, around Prideaux Haven, and Melanie Cove (3.7 nautical miles):


This satellite image must have been during the summer. check out how many boats are here!!! :) 

Tomorrow we'll head on to Lund and decide whether we stay there for the night or go all the way across the strait to the Vancouver Island side.