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Desolation Sound, Lund, and Comox (BC)

Remember how we were the only boat anchored in Melanie Cove in Desolation Sound? By the time we went to bed there were 11 boats in there. Mid September when we’ve hardly seen another pleasure boat in weeks! Also, when we left the cove at around 8:30am or so, not ONE boat was running its generator. Not one. (This is rare!)


We headed for Lund, around the corner on the mainland, and decided that since the wind was supposed to be very light in the Strait of Georgia, that we’d just stop and visit Lund for an hour or so (instead of staying overnight) and then head on across to Comox. 

Lund was cute! We tied up on the hotel dock since it was going to be a short visit, and then headed up to check out the grounds. The Historic Lund Hotel was built in 1905 by Lund’s Swedish founders:


We stopped at Nancy’s Bakery to pick up a couple of their famous blackberry cinnamon buns, and then popped into the general store for a quick browse and to pick up some milk and eggs and spinach. 


Also notable about Lund: Lund is at Mile 0 of the 101 highway, at the north end of the Pacific Coastal Route. If you wanted to, you could drive from Lund, BC all the way to Quellon, Chile:


We left Lund and headed across the Strait of Georgia in very calm conditions. 


It was foggy for quite a bit of the route (further validating that when there’s fog, there’s calm water). It brightened up a little after a while and we found our way across the Comox Bar with no problem.


Arriving in Comox Harbour:


Seals all lined up on the floats:



New spot:


New view:


There was a shrimp boat bringing “Big Shrimp” in at 6pm, but we found a restaurant we wanted to try so we missed the big shrimp window.


We had dinner up at the Avenue Bistro and it was fantastic. Everything. We started with a martini, and tried the clams, the beef carpaccio, the duck confit pizza, and the pulled pork tacos and everything was delicious and creatively prepared and served. We brought pizza home so we’ll get to try that again tomorrow! I only took a photo of the martini, so here ya go…cheers!


Today’s route from Melanie Cove to Lund to Comox (about 40 nautical miles total):

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.52.17 PM