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Good Morning from Watmough Bay


It was a little bumpy overnight last night, and the wind/current/tide/wave combination made it so occasionally as we swung, the plastic mooring ball would bump the hull of the bow (aka the bedroom wall). It might have been a bit quieter on anchor.

We grilled some king salmon for dinner, and it turned out great! I made a glaze of maple syrup (3Tbsp), Dijon mustard (1Tbsp) and lemon zest from half a lemon, and brushed it onto the salmon filet, then topped the salmon with some partially cooked bacon (so we wouldn't overcook the fish while trying to crisp the bacon), and then brushed more glaze on top of the bacon…delicious (with a side of asparagus). It's a keeper!

View of the cliffs filling the galley window:


This morning after breakfast and a bunch of work (and a quick copter flight for some Watmough Bay aerials, coming soon), we took the dinghy to shore for a little hike.


From the trailhead you can actually hike up to the top of the cliffs on the north side of the bay, but we only had a bit of time to play around since Kevin had a call he needed to be on at noon. Before going back to the boat, we took the dinghy out for a quick loop around Boulder Island. We've been thinking about what we might ideally want for a new dinghy someday, and we've been entertaining two ideas:

(1) Versatile and quiet, like the Portland Pudgy with add-on sail kit (that telescopes and stores inside the boat!), and a Torquedo rechargeable electric motor:



(2) Fast and Comfortable, like the Apex Eurosport dinghy with bigger motor we saw at the Seattle Boat Show last month:



We're leaning toward fast and comfy. The Apex 11 Eurosport in this black and white color looked so sharp (and wouldn't show nearly as much of the diesel exhaust that our white Zodiac does), has built-in LED nav lights (and a step!) at the bow, seats 5, has a nice comfy for-2 driver's seat with storage underneath and a built-in gas can storage compartment. It's pretty dang sweet.

I think we'll head up to Garrison Bay today (on San Juan Island, near Roche Harbor). We haven't been there before and it's a known quiet anchorage with much to do nearby. We may stay a few days, even, since the wind/waves are supposed to pick up a bit soon. 

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    Reid Harbor usually hosts about fifty or sixty boats….

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