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Wood Things for the Boat

While in the cute little town of LaConner, WA a couple weeks ago, we stopped in a shop I wouldn't normally go into: The Wood Merchant. It's not that I don't like hand crafted items made out of wood, it's just that…I don't know. There are so many of those kinds of stores and they all seem to have the same stuff.

Something caught my eye in the window though, and we ended up going inside, and they have a whole bunch of cool things in there! There were two things that stuck with me, that I kept thinking about since that visit. So when we found ourselves with a little extra time on our way back to the boat from Lummi Island last week, we made a detour back out to LaConner…mainly for one of these endgrain cutting boards:


It doesn't stay on top of the stove, that's just where the light was best to get a photo of it. I'll use it mostly as a serving board for charcuterie and cheese. Also, this long wooden, um, bowl? to use for serving bread or crackers. It's about 3 inches wide, and about 12 inches long, and I love it:


What we didn't expect to pick up was this folding wooden stand for Kevin's iPad (here we are watching Top Chef after dinner):


It looks like this without the iPad on it, and folds flat for easy storage:


A handful of times now while staying on the boat we've used the iPad to watch our Slingbox from home while sitting at the dinette after dinner. (Our cable box at home is connected to a Slingbox, and then accessed from the iPad Slingbox app, so we can watch our DVR'd shows from the road with our unlimited AT&T data plan.) We don't have a stand, so we either hold the iPad up the whole time, or sometimes we use a wine bottle with a non-slip pad under the iPad, but this is MUCH nicer.

Anyway, La Conner! Cute shops! Even this touristy wood stuff shop! 🙂